Salary Negotiation Anais Gomar

Salary Negotiation Anais Gomar - would like you to consider...

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Anais Gomar Isart 31 Montserrat Roig Street Lleida, Spain 25009 Mrs Sonia Colomina 278 Norman Boulevard Thibodauz, LA 70301 Dear Mrs Colomina, I want to say again how extremely pleased I am to have the opportunity to work with you and this organization. However, I would like to discuss the compensation, as it is less than I had expected. Base Salary: $ 31.000per annum The research I’ve done on comparable salaries and cost of living differences between different cities show that a base salary of % 40.00 would be the market value of my experience for this position. The current offer of $31.000 would result in a dramatic reduction in living standard. Based on the above, I
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Unformatted text preview: would like you to consider as a compromise a base salary of $35.000. I feel confident I will make a significant contribution to the growth and profitability of Sansi Hotel division over the short and long term and if you could see to making this modest improvement to your offer, my performance will show you a handsome return. I am prepared to hit the ground running as part of the Hotel team, and achieve the next "home run" for this division. Sincerely, Anais Gomar Isart...
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