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club meeting - good interviewing and selecting process can...

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Anais Gomar Isart MEETING ESSAY It was monday 28 th of September, and I went to the BLT Club meeting. The speaker was Brian Simmons, and he talked about different tips for an interview. He said that the first step is to be prepared for the interview. For that, one has to understand the key element of the job developing a simple outline that covers the job duties. The second step is the purpose. Obviously, skilled and talented people have more choices and job opportunities to choose from. Here is when we have to convince the applicant this is the best place for us to work. The third step is performance which means to identify the knowledge, attributes, and skills the applicant needs for success. The fourth step is people skills which is the hardest to determine, as well as the most important part of the process. A
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Unformatted text preview: good interviewing and selecting process can discover who is behind the mask that each applicant wears and determines if a match exists between the individual and the job. The fifth and last step is the process. The best way to accomplish this is by using behavioral based questions and situational questions. The first ones help to evaluate the applicant's past behavior, judgment, and initiative. The situational based questions evaluate the applicant's judgment, ability, and knowledge. In conclusion, there was a great meeting because it helped a lot to understand the basics of the interviewer as well as the tips that an applicant can apply while he/she is being interviewed....
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