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In order to help students become successful academically at Campbell, the University should reduce the number of students or split the classes in two groups with different levels in the same class. Doing that, the communication with the professor would be more efficient, students would have the opportunity to understand better all the material, and also, they would have to pay more attention to the professor. In addition, classes should be twice at week instead of one, so the contents could be explained more in detail. Moreover, I think we should have more specific topics instead of these ones where we talk about general things.
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Unformatted text preview: For example, we should let the people know about CEOs from businesses. They are mexican enterprises formed for young people with specialized knowledge in the most important business areas. As a result, we could know in a better way how all these changes (new strategies, consumer behavior. ..), that they are taking place in their companies, are affecting the economy in general and also their businesses. In conclusion, I think that reducing, splitting classes, or having more specific topics can help Campbell's students to success academically....
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