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The track that I enjoyed the most was when we talked about blackboard. It was not enjoyable at all, but I think that it helped the students, freshman the most, to familiarize with blackboard or web access program. Also, the last track that I did, the interview, was interesting because one can get an idea of how an interview is going to be. The track that I enjoyed the least was when we talked about the different club organizations and meetings. I think that the information was helpful but not interesting at all.
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Unformatted text preview: If I could add a track it would be one that talks about the different type of business majors, and also the different opportunities in the business world that one can have with his or her degree. If I could change one thing about this class it would be the way you graded. I think that not all the tracks should have the same weight because there are tracks more important than others. (for example the interview has more importance than the library track)...
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