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INTERVIEW ANALYSIS 1. I was not prepared at all. I was kind of nervous because I did not know what to expect. Moreover, there were some questions hard to answer because there were two of them kind of similar. 2. I was looking all the time to the interviewer since the beginning until the end, and I was very receptive while she was asking me all the questions. I was trying to pay a lot of attention to know what I had to answer. 3. The interviewer could clearly understand my even though she might notice that I am from
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Unformatted text preview: anther country. I did now use any slang words, but I said many time “um”, not in every question but in most of them. 4. My appearance seemed not relaxed at all. I did not move around, but I touched once my face. 5. I think that I achieved my purpose because I gave a lot of good arguments during the interview to made the interview think about hiring over other applicants. I think that my overall performance was 3. Average, but to be my first one I think that I did pretty good....
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