syllabus - General Chemistry I Mastering Chemistry...

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Unformatted text preview: General Chemistry I Mastering Chemistry Chemistry 1211 K Course ID: M W F: 1:30 2:20 pm; ALC 5 MCHARDEN28315 Course Syllabus Spring 2011 Instructor: Dr. Jeremiah D. Harden. Mastering Chemistry Book: 201 Courtland North (9 on GSU map) Chemistry: A Molecular Approach, 1e Office hours: Tuesday 2-4 pm; Wed. 9-11 am E-mail: Send email from your GSU email account only , and the course title must be in the subject of the email Lecture: MWF 1:30 2:20 pm Textbook: GSU Gen Chem Tro/Petrucci Mst VP 10 digit ISBN#: 0-558-35755-5 13 digit ISBN#: 978-0-558-35755-9 Week of. Monday Wednesday Friday January 10 th Snow Snow Intro Lecture January 17 th *No Class* Lecture Lecture ( Online Quiz ) January 24 th Lecture Lecture Quiz 2 and Lecture January 31 st Lecture Lecture Exam 1 February 7 th Lecture Lecture Quiz 3 and Lecture February 14 th Lecture Lecture Quiz 4 and Lecture February 21 st Exam 2 Lecture Lecture February 28 th *No Class* *No Class* *No Class* March 7 th Lecture Quiz 5 and Lecture Lecture March 14 th Lecture Lecture Quiz 6 and Lecture March 22 nd Exam 3 Lecture Lecture March 28 th Lecture Lecture Quiz 7 and Lecture April 4 th Lecture Lecture Quiz 8 and Lecture April 11 th Lecture Lecture Quiz 9 and Lecture April 18 th Exam 4 Lecture Lecture April 25th Lecture Final Exam: Wed. April 27 th @ 1:30 pm Point Distribution Exams ( Best 3 of 4 ) 67 points each 201 In-class quizzes ( Best 7 of 9 ) 20 points each 140 HW, WS and pop quizzes 59 Laboratory 200 Final exam (ACS standardized test) 200 ______________________________________________ 800 Grading: 95-100 : A + 90-95 : A Grades displayed are percentages 87-89 : A- Class Grades are out of 800 total Pts....
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syllabus - General Chemistry I Mastering Chemistry...

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