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final exam review

final exam review - 6 Current psychology employs three main...

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1. When people are working in a group on a project rather than individually, there is likely to be less effort by some, called: social loafing 2. Hand washing several times until the skin bleeds may be an example of a(n): compulsion 3. Identical twins develop from: a single egg and a single sperm 4. Toddlers taught to fear speeding cars may also begin to fear speeding trucks and motorcycles. This best illustrates: generalization 5. Your friend says, “I wait to study all the material the night before the test, so it is fresh in my mind.” You tell him from what you learned: that he should spread his studying across many days
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Unformatted text preview: 6. Current psychology employs three main levels of analysis, which exclude psychoanalytical. 7. Kitty Genovese was killed while others watched and listened. They knew others were watching. Their behavior is explained by the: bystander effect 8. In order to prove a cause and effect relationship, we must use: the experimental method 9. Branching fibers extending out from the cell body to receive information from other neurons are called: dendrites 10. In the three-stage processing model of memory, the stages, in order of occurrence are: sensory, short–term, long-term +10...
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