Chapter 2 - TO Professor White FROM Morgan Mitchell RE Week...

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TO: Professor White FROM: Morgan Mitchell RE: Week 2 assignment DATE: 1/16/11 Chapter 1 Questions: 1. A social institution is an artificial creation of human to achieve certain goals. Some example of this would be laws, governments, educational systems, marriage, polygamy and free markets. 2. An example of something that is not a social institution would be literature. 3. Tribes consist of more than one family, where nuclear families consist of a set of parents and their children. Tribes share more of their belongings where nuclear family’s keep there belongings with in there house hold. 4. The purpose of a government is to mint money, represent states in international relations, maintain military, regulate business, prevent the states from infringing on civil rights, regulate behavior of people living in the state, provide services such as education, parks and other services desired by taxpayers. 5. Federal Government- They provide services like social security, health care and roads. State Government- Provide services for taxpayers such as parks and education. Tribal Government- Regulate personal behavior of people and businesses on the reservation. 6. The job of the colonial government was to help stimulate economic growth, encourage investment and job creation. 7. Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Vermont, New York, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey, North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia are the 13 countries added July 4th, 1776. 8. The colonies joined together because they no longer wanted to subject to English laws or pay taxes to England.
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9. The United States Constitution outlined the form and structure of what is called the “United States government” or the “federal government” with its main base of operations located in Washington DC because each of the 13 countries were doing different things and going in different directions. 10. Another world for “country” is state. 11. The entity called the United states was evolved from the original 13 colonies established by the
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Chapter 2 - TO Professor White FROM Morgan Mitchell RE Week...

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