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primary source assignment HISTORY

primary source assignment HISTORY - HIS 315L US History...

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Unformatted text preview: HIS 315L US History since 1865- Fall 2010 Primary Source Essay Assignment DUE IN-CLASS: TUESDAY NOVEMBER 23rd Throughout the semester we have been examining primary source documents-- the surviving records of the past that historians use to analyze historical events. Now it is your chance to do the work of a historian. This assignment requires that you analyze any two primary source documents in For the Record , CHAPTER 34 “NEW FRONTIERS: POLITICS AND SOCIAL CHANGE IN THE 1960s.” *Please note: Some of the sources in Chapter 34 are visual (i.e. photographs). You are more than welcome to use these sources in your paper, however you may only analyze one visual source in this paper; the other source must be a document. In other words, you may analyze either two written documents, or one visual source and one written document. Your essay should analyze, and interpret the two documents by placing them within their historical contexts, in conversation with one another, and more importantly, by explaining their...
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