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HIS 315L US History Since 1865 Fall 2010 Reading Guide: Anne Moody, Coming of Age in Mississippi Describe Moody’s Childhood: - family life - gender relations - financial situation - relationship to whites - experiences with religion Compare the conditions under which Moody lived as a child to those we discussed in previous lectures- sharecropping, etc. How would you describe racial relations during Moody’s childhood? How did she relate to whites? How did she come to understand the power relations between black and whites? Describe the source of her criticism of both blacks and whites. What were some of the formative experiences in Moody’s young life: - murders of Emmett Till and Samuel O’ Quinn
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Unformatted text preview: -living in Baton Rouge and New Orleans-Natchez College-Tougaloo College How did Moody come to get involved in the activities of the Tougaloo branch of the NAACP? How did her involvement impact her life? How did Moody come to get involved in the Civil Rights Movement more generally? What were some of the challenges she faced in grassroots civil rights organizing? Describe Moody’s involvement with SNCC and with the sit-in movement. Describe Moody’s view of Martin Luther King, Jr. How does Moody come to question non-violence as an effective strategy in the civil rights movement? Describe the book’s ending. Is it hopeful or full of despair?...
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