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1)to qualify for citizenship under the Dawes Act, Native Americans had to adopt"the habits of civilized life."Assess the meaning and implications of such a standard. 2) According to Turner, in what crucial respect did western states differ from those on the Atlantic coast? 3) Why did Gompers believe that unions were necessary? 4)Why do you think Strong was concerned that immigrants comprised such a high percentage of urban dwellers? 5)what kind of problems did the disparity of wealth create in cities? 6) How does Dreiser describes the lure of the city that Carrie and other
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Unformatted text preview: migrants from the countryside felt? 7) In what ways does Dreiser suggest that the appeal of urban culture is superficial? 8) According to this excerpt, what were some of the negative aspects of college athletic programs? what do you think was meant by the plea for moderation and decency? 9) In what ways did the Populists present a class based interpretation of American politics?Who comprised the social classes described by the Populists? 10) What were some of the Populist's specific demands?What groups would have opposed these demands...
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