HIS 315L ANSWERS - His 315L(39090) Dr. T.M. Gill Reading...

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His 315L(39090) Dr. T.M. Gill Reading Questions 1) To qualify for citizenship under the Dawes Act, Native Americans had to adopt the habits of civilized life. Assess the meaning and implications of such a standard. As Dawes explained that emphasis on individual land ownership, also had a negative impact on the unity, self-government, By dividing reservation lands into privately owned parcels, legislators hoped to complete the assimilation process by forcing the deterioration of the communal life-style of the Native societies and imposing Western-oriented values of strengthening the nuclear family and values of economic dependency strictly within this small household. The new policy focused specifically on breaking up reservations by granting land allotments to individual Native Americans. Very sincere individuals reasoned that if a person adopted white clothing and ways, and was responsible for his own farm, he would gradually drop his Indian-ness and be assimilated into the population. It would then no longer be necessary for the government to oversee Indian welfare in the paternalistic way it had been obligated to do, or provide meager annuities that seemed to keep the Indian in a subservient and poverty-stricken position. 2) According to Turner, in what crucial respect did western states differ from those on the Atlantic coast? As he said the frontier is the outer edge of the wave the meeting point between savagery and civilization. The most significant thing about the American frontier is that it lies at the hither edge of free land. As he said when they sailed into the waters of the Atlantic Ocean, America gas been another name for opportunities, and the people of the United States have taken their tone from incessant expansion which has not only been open but has even been forced upon them. 3) Why did Gompers believe that unions were necessary? As he explained he believes that the unions were necessary because the Modern industry evolves these organizations out of the existing conditions where there are two classes in society, one incessantly striving to obtain the labor of the other class for as little as possible. Also the trade unions are not barbarous, nor are they the outgrowth of barbarism. On the contrary they are only possible where civilization exists. Whether trades unions have organized and are most firmly organized, there are the rights of the people most respected. A people may be educated, but to him it appears that the greatest amount of intelligence exists in that country or that state where the people are best able to defend their rights, and their liberties as against those who are desirous of undermining them. Trades unions are organizations that instill into men a higher motive power and give them
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HIS 315L ANSWERS - His 315L(39090) Dr. T.M. Gill Reading...

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