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Guidelines for Reading Questions

Guidelines for Reading Questions - energy crafting your...

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HIS 315L US History Since 1865- Fall 2010 Guidelines for Reading Questions Due September 21, 2010 You must submit your original answers for the following questions in Shi and Mayer, eds. For the Record . Your responses must be based on your reading of the primary sources and the lecture material. No outside research is required for this assignment. The Dawes Act (1887) pp.39-40 Review Question 3. Frederick Jackson Turner, “The Frontier in American History,” pp. 41-43. Review Question 2. Samuel Gomper, “The American Federation of Labor,” pp. 53-54. Review Question 1. Josiah Strong, “Our Country,” pp. 63-65. Review Questions 1 and 2. Theodore Dreiser, “The Lure of the City,” pp.67-69. Review Questions 1 and 2. “The Athletic Craze,” pp. 75-77. Review Question 1. “Populist Party Platform,” pp. 91-94. Review Questions 1 and 2. Read the documents carefully and think about your responses to the questions before you write. Twenty per cent of your grade depends on this assignment, so spend ample time and
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Unformatted text preview: energy crafting your answers. Many questions have multiple parts, so be sure to read and answer every part of the question. Your grade will suffer for failure to answer each part of the question. Each question will be worth 10 points. Please make direct reference to the primary sources in your answers, however formal citations are not required. Instead, when you quote a source directly, you should use parenthetical references with the name of the author and/or title of the source (not the editors of the book) and page number (s), for example (Turner, 42) or (The Dawes Act, 40) . If you are referring to a source generally, just the author's name will suffice, for example, "As Turner explained. ...". Your answers to each question should be about one paragraph in length (about 5-8 sentences). Some may be a little shorter and some may be a little longer. Your answers must be double-spaced and typed in an appropriate 12pt font....
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