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Travis Sontag (tes535) September 21, 2010 HIS 315L Reading Questions 1.This means that they would have to abandon any customs which the American government may deem unsuitable for an American citizen, even if it was a custom of their people for ages. Also, if one wishes to call it a “habit of civilized life,” this would mean that the Natives would have to pay taxes on the land which they received. However, if they were made American citizens, this would also mean that they would receive a lot of the privileges that they would otherwise not have, such as the right to vote. On another note, if enough of the Natives of a certain tribe decided to become Americanized, it could mean the end of their culture. 2. According to Turner, the western states differed from the eastern states because while the eastern states have the “familiar phenomenon of the evolution of institutions in a limited area, such as the rise of representative governments,” whereas the west was a frontier with a “perennial rebirth” (Turner 42). This meant that there were continually new opportunities in the west. That and there was the allure of exploring a little known area. Also, the western states had a “[simple] and primitive society,” where savagery and civilization meet. The west is part of what set America apart from Britain. 3. Gompers believes that unions were necessary because they “instill into men a higher motive- power and give them a higher goal to look to” and allow them to protect their rights and freedoms (Gompers, 54). Gompers seems to believe that without trade unions, the workers would be susceptible to abuse from the higher-ups in the business. These unions, however, allowed the workers to band together and try to get higher wages, more hours, and a safer work environment.
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ANSWERS - Travis Sontag (tes535) September 21, 2010 HIS...

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