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What were some of the Populist's specific demands? What groups would have opposed these demands? The first and foremost demand of the populists were to help the farmers be able to enjoy a portion of the economic development and growth, as they were being exploited by being offered extremely low prices for their produce. They wanted to be able to receive a better price for their produce and not be left out as e prices of their produce were declining. So, they demanded that the government support then in being able
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Unformatted text preview: to obtain better prices. But it leads to the progressive groups protesting against this. The progressive groups believed that the main reason behind a consistent and constant decline in the prices of farm and agriculture produce was its overproduction. Producing wheat and corn in excessive quantities, led to the supply of these products exceeding its demand. So, they felt that the famers should reduce their production instead of asking the government to help increase the prices....
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