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She had her first panic attack in 1962 after the birth of her daughter. she progressively got worse until she eventually became housebound. her symptoms included dizziness, rubbery legs, feeling disoriented, depression, confusion and poor memory. she was always depressed and afraid. She was afraid to go to bed at night and she was afraid to get up in the morning. It was hard on her daughter to grow up with a mother who couldn’t leave the house. But she did the best she could. Because they couldn't go on vacations, they made our backyard into a vacation setting, with a new deck and a large pool. Her daughters’ friends were in and out all the time. They thought she was great. They never knew there was anything wrong. She did her best for her family, but her own life was a struggle. she was in and out of psychiatric hospitals, trying for years to find some help. Finally, She found help in a newspaper. She did move to the other states to go see the new doctors that she found
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