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DSM-IV-TR Axis I: Personality disorder Axis II: No Diagnosis Axis III: None Axis IV: Poor relationships with other men Axis V: ( 41-50) Ms. T has a personality disorder. She needs to learn effective ways of approaching problems.When things don’t go her way, She resorts to attempting suicide. She need learn what her limits are and also she has to see a female therapist. Her history of unstable relationships with men and her propensity to
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Unformatted text preview: romanticize her relationships with male therapists, She needs to see a female therapist. .. References Diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders. (4th ed., text revision). (2003). Washington, DC: American Psychiatric Association. Halgin, R. P. & Whitbourne, S. K. (2007). Abnormal psychology clinical perspectives on psychological disorders. (5th ed.). Boston: McGraw-Hill Publishers....
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