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Database Orientation Assignment summer 09-1

Database Orientation Assignment summer 09-1 - Click the...

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PSY 281:190 Db Orientation Assignment beast Database Orientation Assignment Locate one scholarly article on major depression from the following databases: PsycARTICLES, Journal of Black Psychology, and Academic Search Premier. The articles should be within the last 7 years, and each article should represent a different ethnic group. Post a full APA citation for each article in the DB Orientation discussion forum. Select one of the articles and attach a pdf copy of the article in the discussion thread. Accessing the DTCC Academic Databases:
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Unformatted text preview: Click the DTCC Library link or Click Databases Databases require username and passwords off campus. To access the Summer 09 usernames and passwords: o Click the External Links in the locator window o Click DTCC Library Folder o Click the attached document under the DTCC Password item. For help with the APA formatting, visit the DTCC Library Homepage, click APA format. http://durhamtech.edu/html/prospective/library/APAguide06.pdf Submit the assignment to the gradebook....
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