charlieee - Infant Child and Adolescent Disorders ADHD...

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Infant, Child, and Adolescent Disorders: ADHD Charlie’s Case Study Charlie is a thin, pale, 6-year-old White male who has unruly blond hair and blue eyes. He arrived at the session wearing a dirty, striped T-shirt; cutoff jean shorts; and worn-out high-top shoes. When the family was shown in to Dr. Murray’s office, Charlie’s mother kept apologizing for Charlie’s appearance, stating that he starts off clean and neat in the morning, but within 10 minutes he looks like a “ragamuffin.” Charlie raced into Dr. Murray’s office, slowing down just long enough to discover a corner filled with toys and games. He let out an excited yell and grabbed one of the model airplanes, proceeding to run around the office making airplane noises. His mother tried to grab his arm and told him to put the plane down and sit nicely. Charlie shook off her hand and ignored her request, running to the corner to grab a different toy. He then started playing with some plastic action figures, making them shoot at and kill each other. He smashed the figures into each other loudly. Charlie’s mother ran over and took the toys out of Charlie’s hands and told him to sit down. Charlie smiled and grabbed a plastic puzzle cube and proceeded to play with that. Charlie’s father had been sitting quietly, ignoring what was happening He finally got out of his chair and grabbed the puzzle and grabbed Charlie by the arm and sat him down on the couch. “Listen to your mother, Charlie. I’m sick and tired of having to make you listen. Do you hear me? Do you?” Charlie appeared to pout for about 2 minutes. Then, Charlie asked Dr. Murray in a loud voice about the telephone on his desk. Charlie then noticed a large stuffed bear on the shelf and asked if he could please play with the bear. His mother got the bear, and gave it to Charlie. His father continued to hold him in his seat. Charlie threw the bear in the air and caught it. As he was trying to throw it in the air again, his father grabbed the bear and put it on the floor. Charlie then began to play with his tennis shoe, pulling at a loose piece of rubber on the side. Within a minute he
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charlieee - Infant Child and Adolescent Disorders ADHD...

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