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PSY 281 Case Study Mr.R beast Mr. R., a burly, full-bearded, 37-year-old Irish firemen, was hospitalized for second and third-degree burns over a third of his body. During the month he spent on the burn unit, he was the model stoic patient. [However], a week after discharge, during his first appointment in the surgical clinic, he is tremulous, stammering, and unresponsive to the surgeon’s assurances. Deeply concerned, the surgeon pages the burn unit’s consultant-liaison psychiatrist and introduces him to Mr. R., who shakes and mumbles, "I sort of expected you would be calling in the shrinks." Although Mr. R. tries to appear confident, he chain-smokes, glances around furtively, squirms in his chair, and a times bursts into tears. When he is able to calm down somewhat, he explains that he cannot stop thinking about how, for the first time in his distinguished career, he entered a burning building
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