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PSY 281 Cal Case Study beast Cal is an 8-year-old boy who is referred because of social withdrawal, overwhelming fears, multiple somatic complaints, and refusal to attend school. Cal's difficulties first began with trouble falling asleep and frequent nightmares. He is preoccupied with morbid daydreams of family members' dying or being injured and threatening and terrifying antisuperheroes. He cate- gorically refuses to go to bed unless his mother sits beside him and most nights will fight sleep for more than an hour so that she will not leave him. Especially on school days, Cal complains of many headaches and stomachaches for which no physical basis could be found on a recent pediatric examination. Because of these physical complaints, he frequently stays home from school and has trouble paying attention when he does go to school. He often insists that he is sick and needs to go home. His school per- formance has deteriorated, and his grades have dropped from an A average to barely passing. Cal's social relations have also become increasingly restricted because he is reluctant to
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