Quiz 1 Review Filled Out - 1a The Supreme Court deals...

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1a The Supreme Court deals usually with decisions on appeal subject to judicial review. They choose their workload as well as which cases to hear; One must ask for PETITION FOR SERT (asking the SC to hear your case). o I.E – Florida v. Grant Juvenile sentenced life in prison without parole for a non homicide crime SC overturned stated in violation of the 8 th amendment. o I.E – U.S v. Stevens – Dog fighting Case A law that makes it a crime to create or sell depictions of animal cruelty however the law is so broad that in this case it violated Stevens 1 st amendment rights o I.E – Campaign Finance Wiping out the limits that corporate and labor unions spending for presidents in congress. Overturned ban on companies/unions using funds to advocate electing or opposing candidates for PRESIDENT or CONGRESS. 1b We change law through many different ways. For example as society changes some interpretations of our rights change as well as we see in Ontario v. Quon in regards to the 4 th amendment. o Not knowing how to implement the 4 th amendment to present day technology and can be difficult and force us to adapt/change law. o We also change law in regards to elections and how we vote for certain congressmen in the Senate which will later become crucial in approving or disapproving on Justice Appointee by the president. Which will and can affect on the decisions with regards to interpretation and creating new law that the Supreme Court does. Judicial Activism – Decision made by court based on current court views and not the law The law as well cannot cover all instances that occur and therefore lawmaking is done by our judges which can change the normative structure. o The congress men we elect to the senate representing play a role in legislature which concerns itself with which laws to approve or disapprove. Another example of us changing the law would be going 70 on 65 speed limit – everyone does it and so getting pulled over for going 70 is actually surprising but this is affects more how the law is implemented.
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The law changes us in a couple of ways starting with thinking about the consequences of our actions. Helps shape our perspective of our reality and places not only norms but rules for us to follow. Please fill in ANOTHER WAY THAT LAW CHANGES US. 1c The current court is mostly conservative due to the dominance of republican presidency and senate. 1d 1) The case was about a police dept handing out pagers and then paying too much for them while to trying to investigate if the usage was due to work related issues or personal they searched the pager of a Police Officer without his consent.
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Quiz 1 Review Filled Out - 1a The Supreme Court deals...

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