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Assignment 2: After reading Stone Sweet, review the Calvinball cartoon on BB – Course Documents, and apply all the elements of Stone Sweet’s theory to answer these questions about the game: 1. Who are the members of the dyad? 2. What is the normative structure of Calvinball? Be specific about the rules you think compose the normative structure. 3. Is there a triadic dispute resolver? 4. If not, how would Stone Sweet explain that? 5. If there is not one now, under what conditions would we expect one to
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Unformatted text preview: appear, and where would s/he come from? 6. Can you guess who it would most likely be? What would her/his most important qualifications have to be? 7. Would Susie Derkins qualify? Why/why not? (If you’re not familiar with Calvin and Hobbes, you don’t have to answer this) 8. What would happen to the normative structure of Calvinball if you had a triadic dispute resolver? Can you give an example?...
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