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BIO 311D Skit for extra credit Assignment: create a play, skit, demonstration, etc. to accurately portray/illustrate one of the following processes: Exchange/transport of O2/CO2 Kidney function in blood salt content control Innate and acquired immune system responses Calcium and glucose feedback loops Nervous system interaction with a muscle firing Plan to present to the entire class during the regular class hour on Friday 11/12/10. Presentations should be no longer than 5 minutes . Sign up early – numbers of each type of skit will be controlled, so that we don’t end up watching 10 skits in a row of any one subject. You can develop your activity in groups of no less than 3 students, and everyone in the group must
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Unformatted text preview: participate in some way! You may use music, costumes, props, etc. as desired. Please keep everything within the bounds of good taste. Powerpoint lectures will not get any points. Creativity is a plus! For the full 10 points, you must turn in a written script, with external references (from somewhere other than your text book) and notes that explain how the skit relates to the process chosen. All groups who plan to present a skit must get permission from their TA to do their topic first, and then must submit a finalized script to the class TA no later than Monday 11/8/10 ....
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