Short essay possibilities Exam 3

Short essay possibilities Exam 3 - These are short essays;...

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These are short essays; they should be answered in the fewest possible words. One or two of the following questions will be on Exam 3. 2. Scientists think that amphibian populations may provide an early warning system of environmental problems. What features of amphibians might make them particularly sensitive to environmental problems? 3. Is it accurate to define homeostasis as a constant internal environment? Explain. 4. Which animal must eat a larger proportion of its weight in food each day; a house cat or an African lion caged in a zoo? Explain. 5. Eastern tent caterpillars ( Malacosoma americanum ) live in large groups in silk nests, or tents, which they build in trees. They are among the first insects to be active in early spring, when daily temperature fluctuates from freezing to very hot. Over the course of a day, they display striking differences in behavior: early in the morning, they rest in a tightly packed group on the tent’s east-facing surface. In midafternoon, they are on
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