Schizophrenia - Schizophrenia - have two or more of the...

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Schizophrenia - have two or more of the following symptoms for a significant period of time during a one month period. These include delusions or false beliefs that govern their decision making, hallucinations which are faulty sensory perceptions such as seeing, hearing (etc) stimuli that exist only in their fantasy, disorganized speech which is difficult to comprehend, chaotic or catatonic behavior and/or negative symptoms such as blunting of their emotional expression. Social and occupational functioning is severely impaired as may be their capacity for self-care. The symptoms are not due to a medical disorder, and the symptoms are not due primarily to a mood disorder. There are chiefly five subtypes of schizophrenia: 1. Paranoid Type: preoccupation with delusions (false beliefs) or auditory hallucinations (perception of hearing voices which can be condemning or commanding). 2. Disorganized Type: disorganized speech, behavior and flat (blunt) affect (emotional expression) or inappropriate (to the context) emotional expression. 3. Catatonic Type: (can include) motoric immobility (statue like body position), stupor or cataplexy (patient can be put into position which they then maintain), or excessive agitation and without purpose, mutisim and/or negativism (refusing to respond to commands), peculiar voluntary body movements or grimacing, echolalia/echopraxia (repeating that which is said) 4. Undifferentiated Type: none of the symptoms are sufficient to be assigned exclusively to the first three types listed above, yet the patient meets the criteria for schizophrenia 5. Residual Type: an absence of paranoid, disorganized or catatonic symptoms but continuing evidence of schizophrenia by the presence of negative symptoms and often accompanied by odd beliefs and unusual perceptual experiences. There are specifiers used after the patient has had symptoms of schizophrenia for at
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Schizophrenia - Schizophrenia - have two or more of the...

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