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Midterm Exam Professor: Juliet Walker TA: Adrienne Sockwell Take Home Quiz(Fall 2010) 1)In colonial America, did racism lead to slavery, or did slavery lead to racism , or did both develop simultaneously, mutually reinforcing each other? Support and organize your answer be including information on ALL of the following:::: a) Brief Discussion of the social, legal, and economic preconditions in England that influenced the English settler’s attitudes regarding slavery. b)Brief discussion of the origin o slavery in the New England, Middle, and Southern( except Virginia) colonies, with emphasis on the economic conditions in those colonies that explain the development of slavery in all of colonies. c)Using Colonial Virginia as a case study, document examples of racism and de facto slavery proceeding de jure slavery by providing and interpreting historical evidence to support your answer. Though racism existed as a historical belief, racism and slavery both developed simultaneously in Colonial Virginia and they mutually reinforced each other. This can be exemplified by the incidents of slavery having begun as a result of the historical belief that skin color, gender and ethnicities played an important role in case of deciding human superiority. Moreover an imaginary national border was constructed among dark skinned people and white people. All of this led to causing racism which simultaneously resulted in slavery. The slavery system further intensified the problems related to colonies. All of this led to chaos and lack of organization in the country leading to the Great Depression. Though they did not occur exactly at the same time they were caused one after the other and so can be said to have existed simultaneously or having overlapped each other. In the USA, slavery was widely practiced from 1860 onwards. It was practiced in a full-fledged manner where in slaves were openly traded in the market. This started as the Africans were brought to America and were sold as slaves. In case of the Africans having come into America in the form of slaves, there was a lot of mistreatment and inhumanity that took place and this was racism. The union and the confederacy prepared for the war by forming unison or groups and gathering political strength in order to gain an advantage over their adversary. They formed into slavery oriented and anti slavery groups proving that racism and slavery existed simultaneously. Slavery played a key role in American economy, politics, and social life prior to 1860. Slavery was the most controversial issue in pre-Civil War era in America. At the beginning of the nineteenth century, many new developments made slave labor much less strenuous. Also, many court cases arose about incidents with slaves. Even though many debates were held about this questionable topic, many slaves took the liberty upon themselves to decide the outcome of their own life and help others escape from the plantations of the South. Firstly, slavery’s role in the American economy is nothing less than
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TAKE HOME QUIZ 357C - HIS 357C Midterm Exam Professor...

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