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1.Why is it important to recognize that complexity and diversity distinguished the political,social,and economic life of Africans brought to the Americas. 2.Reasons for writing African American history. 3.Describe economic activities in West and West central Africa during the transatlantic slave trade era. ******4.What four African proverbs provide insight into understanding the culture and values of Africans brought to the Americas?******* If you haven't seen already, Gullah proverbs can be quite inspirational. One of the quotes that probably deals mostly with your troubles is from the website http://searchwarp.com/swa354981.htm ---"Homebound soldier. A homebound soldier 'whose foot strikes Zion,''journeys to the 'welcome table'(heaven, the seat of grace). Also refers to a person dismissed from "seeking," a rite of fasting and all-night prayer vigils as a vehicle for beatific vision. Breech the rules of seeking and you were a 'homebound solider.'" The Gullah culture has many religous aspects to it. In alot of the southern
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