His FInal 357C - Ans 1. Antebellum slavery was in presence...

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Ans 1. Antebellum slavery was in presence during 1830 in South. African Americans were enslaved in different areas like, farms, plantations, inside homes, transportation etc. Even though slavery had a variety of types but the underlying concept was always the same i.e. slaves were always seen and considered as property. Their status was imposed as the property by violence and threatening. The slaves can never forget their status as property. Even though the slaves and owners worked together, there was always an imbalance in the equality because of the power difference. But in some rare cases the masters and slaves genuinely cared for each other but this caring was tempered by the power imbalance under which it grew. Slaves were always given the jobs like clearing the farms, digging ditches, cut and haul wood and building repairs. These jobs which slaves used to do made them feel that they are very inferior and in some people it created a rebel. By looking at the above factors and analysis my perspective about antebellum slavery has totally changed. It made me realize how brutal were the conditions for the slaves at those times. Ans 2. The three historians whose interpretations have generated controversy and changed the knowledge about slavery are named as follows, Harriet Beecher Stowe, William Lloyd Garrison and Nat Turner. These people were involved in triggering the civilian war in America. Abraham Lincon had said many times that, “that little woman who started this war” (in relation with Harriet Beecher Stowe). I strongly agree with these historians because, these people were strongly opposite to slavery system and they have started a civilian war against this imbalance of power and treating slaves as property. This lead to a great social reformation in the South
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America which gave the equal right to the African Americans as well. When we compare the
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His FInal 357C - Ans 1. Antebellum slavery was in presence...

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