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3 - Slowly there was the emergence of the self governance...

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3.Describe economic activities in West and West central Africa during the transatlantic slave trade era. The transatlantic slave era was the beginning of the industrialization period in America and forceful migration of the Africans. There was progress and development in America, where as Africa was still lagging behind. The World War I had a huge impact on America as it impacted its economic conditions significantly. A lot of destruction followed by the period of Great Depression led to an economic downfall in the USA and other western countries. The colonial era had caused the usage of America by the British as a rich resource for natural resources and as an additional market to sell the finished products of the industries in Britain. All of this weakened the American economy. The slavery system further intensified the problems related to colonies. All of this led to chaos and lack of organization in the country leading to the Great Depression.
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Unformatted text preview: Slowly there was the emergence of the self governance movement. Improving political conditions helped in stabilizing the American economy. Yet, these improvements were not witnessed in the African economy. It led to a lot of development took place in the industries of America with the formation of unions. The World War I brought in a lot of economic set back and destruction. This was the time when USA recovered from the great depression and embraced the path of growth and economic development through focusing on industrial revolution and innovations. The United States of America had several benefits due to large amounts of natural resources that were available to it along with a supportive political and legal system which helped in quick recovery and growth of the American economy. Moreover the supporting entrepreneurship sprit led to the roaring twenties which marked a significant time of development for the American economy....
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