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PHL 305 Syllabus Summer10 - PHL 305 Philosophy of Religion...

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PHL 305: Philosophy of Religion Summer 2010 Instructor : Cory Juhl Office: WAG 419 Office Phone: 471-4944 Office Hours: M,Th 1:30-2:30, or by appointment e-mail: [email protected] TA: Stephen James TAemail: [email protected] Course description : Religion in general, as well as particular religions, raise many interesting philosophical issues. For example, how can we determine whether any particular religious view is correct? When, if ever, does religious (for example, mystical) experience count in favor of a particular religion? What arguments have been given for the existence of a Supreme Being, or God? Are any of them compelling? Are they compelling when taken together? What about historical evidence? For example, are there or have there ever been miracles? Is there good evidence for thinking that some miracles have occurred? Could there under any imaginable circumstances be good evidence? What about arguments or evidence against the existence of God? Could there be evidence either for or against the existence of non-physical entities, even in principle?
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