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[ARC 308] Lecture Notes [SECTION 1] 1/17/08 Architecture: physical embodiment of who we are as individuals and who we are as a culture (Speck’s Definition) “We build our buildings, thereafter our buildings shape us” –Winston Churchill o We shape our environments and then our environments shape us Architecture is the “Mother of the Arts” o Literature would be disabled if not for architecture Writers know how to use architecture to convey meaning Great Expectations; Ms. Havisham’s house, Pip’s hometown, etc Dickens knows that to fully and vicariously convey a character you have to convey their environments; you can’t just describe the character J.K. Rowling Harry Potter; Hogwarts, Gryffindor, etc. Shakespeare Romeo Juliet; Balcony Scene o Films use architecture to convey feelings Wizard of Oz; Emerald City Where do we encounter scarecrow? Sunny field => optimistic, positive, easygoing scarecrow Where do we encounter Lion? Dark creepy enclosed forest => scared, timid lion Where is Oz? Grand room in magnificent emerald city => great, powerful, intimidating Oz Gone With The Wind Happy, friendly house
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Civil War… harsh, hardened atmosphere leads to harsh scarlet Star Wars Death Star and Darth Vader o Music Auditoriums are built with architecture to amplify and clarify sound Acoustic quality and possibilities of building structures o Politics Rome center of catholic church Alter architecture of city to give that image o Straight streets with landmark at end so everywhere you turn you are reminded of the church French monarch Built the largest palace in Europe; Versais o Model palace for all of Europe Baron ??? Built Paris into the premier capital city o Hallowed out squares o Built large straight roads o Grand roads and plazas o Paris became GRAND Bishops Palace (TX); Nicholas Clayton Brought artifacts from all over the world and incorporated them all over the house Brash, headstrong architecture Feeling of exuberance and power in the house while also the sweetness and generosity of the family Mural with portraits of all of her children in the house Foam house (TX); Charles Harker 1/22/08 Farm, Gut Garkau, Germany, Hugo Haering 1924-1925 Barcelona Pavillioin, Mies Van Der Rohe, 1929 Farnsworth House, Plano, Illinois, Mies Van Der Rohe, 1945 New State Chancellery, Berlin, Albert Speer, 1937 1/24/08 What is role of Architecture in society? (recent major lecture topic) Petruvius stressed: o Firmness Does building stand up? Is building structurally sound? Does everything (plumbing, appliances, etc) work?
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Arch Lectures - [ARC 308] Lecture Notes [SECTION 1] 1/17/08...

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