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Prof: Larry Speck T.A . Eileen Wright Summer 2010 Institut du Monde Arabe (Arab World Institute) Pairs, France The construction of the Arab World Institute is meant to serve 3 objectives. According to the Institut du Monde Arabe, Develop and increase the study, knowledge and understanding of the Arab world, its language, its civilization and its development endeavors in France Encourage cultural exchanges, communication, and cooperation between France and the Arab world, especially in the areas of science and technology Participate in this way to the development of links between France and the Arab world, this contributing to a closer relationship between the Arab world and Europe. Commencement of the building began in 1981 and was finished Nov.1988. The address is Rue de Fossses Saint-Bernard . With function and form in mind, the building houses: a library and documentation center with a capacity of over 100,000 books, a museum, a series of offices and meeting rooms, a conference room, and also a cafeteria and terrace. The Arab World Institute is located in the urban environment of Paris. The design for the building is broken into two sections, each catering to the cities’, architects, and client’s needs. The building’s northern section is located on the Seine River, while the Southern section “runs parallel to the university buildings. The Northern façade, which faces the Seine, is designed to gently caress the flow of the curving river. By being gentle with the river, the architects show the form of line. Between the first and second section, a long driveway used by official guests unveils into the “heart” of the IMA, an internal courtyard. The Southern façade has “113 photo-sensitive panels with 16,000 moving parts” which allows specific volumes of light to penetrate the façade’s interior .The photo-sensitive panels operate like a “camera’s diaphragm,” allowing between “10 and 30%” of daylight to filter. Each diaphragm is artistically constructed to exemplify Islamic geometric design. The view from the interior is set to resemble an enormous mashrabiyya . The use of diaphragms allows for the “visual allusion to traditional Arab culture” to be easily obtained . Also on the
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southern façade is the tower of books. The tower, is constructed in a helical shape meant to
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Aman Masoomi LASTTTTTT ARC - Arc 308:Architecture & Society...

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