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Prof: Larry Speck T.A . Eileen Wright Summer 2010 Institut du Monde Arab (The Arab world Institute) (Part 3) The Arab World Institute is a place of culture fruit of a partnership between France and twenty-two Arab countries. Its aims are to: h develop and deepen in France study, knowledge and understanding of the Arab world, its language, its civilization and its effort of development; h favour cultural exchanges, communication and collaboration between France and the Arab world, in the domains of sciences and techniques; h participate so in the development of contacts between France and the Arab world, by contributing to the tightening of relations with Europe. In 1980, 18 Arab countries concluded an agreement with France to establish the AWI to spread knowledge and research the Arab World’s language, and its cultural and spiritual values, reflecting the opinion, that the Arab world - its civilization and values, its past and its future - needs to be better known and understood in the West. It supplies cultural information in a wide range of media: libraries, electronic databanks, a conventional, glass-case museum, audio-visual displays, and an outreach program of touring exhibits
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AAAAAAAAAAA3333333 - Arc 308:Architecture & Society...

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