Opposition to Tsarism.Outline - Family: Empress Alexandra...

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OPPOSITION TO TSARISM Populists (Narodniki) “Going to the People” (1874) Terrorism Alexander II Assassinated Socialist Revolutionaries (SRs) Marxists : “Communist Manifesto” Strategy: “What Is To Be Done?” Bolshevik – Menshevik Split Liberals Political Police ( Okhrana ) Nicholas II : Reluctant Tsar
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Unformatted text preview: Family: Empress Alexandra & Tsarevich Russo-Japanese War Defeats Discontent, including Conservative 1905 Revolution Father Gapon: Petition to the Tsar (Jan. 9) Bloody Sunday Nationwide Unrest October General Strike Oct. Manifesto Soviet (Trotsky) December Uprising Backlash: Anti-Semitic Pogroms & Punitive Expeditions...
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