Cluster Exam -- 09 FSMM

Cluster Exam -- 09 FSMM - 2009 DECA U Provincials...

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FSMM Test 1001 FINANCIAL SERVICES 1 1. Why is it important for financial-services firms to comply with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration's (OSHA) workplace regulations? A. To avoid paying penalties C. To prevent on-site inspections B. To monitor work-related accidents D. To eliminate all complaints 2. Illegally run organizations that emphasize the collection of high fees from potential product distributors are often referred to as A. marketing rackets. C. pyramid schemes. B. pressure-cooker tactics. D. deceptive advertising gimmicks. 3. All calls coming into an investment firm should end as pleasantly as possible in order to A. provide callers with accurate information. C. help you to get a good review. B. make the best use of your time. D. leave a good last impression with callers. 4. What type of information should a business include when writing a sales proposal to send to a customer? A. Shipping and receiving C. Pricing and accounting B. Features and benefits D. Laws and regulations 5. What might result if a financial-services firm fails to maintain positive client relations? A. Lowering of goals C. Loss of advertisers B. Reduction in assets D. Decrease in sales 6. How do service-oriented companies often improve their levels of service? A. By conducting a feasibility analysis for company expansion B. By evaluating internal product development procedures C. By providing customers with product testimonials D. By requesting input through employee and customer surveys 7. Which of the following is the best way to handle domineering/superior customers: A. Don't jump to quick conclusions. B. Never press for sales or decisions. C. Let them have their say. D. Explain and demonstrate good service as many times as you need to. 8. Why do marketers classify goods and services? A. To help in calculating prices C. To aid in marketing planning B. To determine promotional budgets D. To decide whether to increase production 9. What is one factor that will determine how much a customer is willing to pay for a good or service? A. Rationing C. Buying power B. Production costs D. Incentive 10. One major way investment firms, in general, show their social responsibility is by A. maximizing their profits. C. meeting consumer needs. B. offering quality products. D. minimizing operating costs. 11. When sales revenue exceeds the cost of goods sold and operating expenses, the business receives a(n) A. income. C. loss. B. profit. D. capital. 12. Wildfires swept through Montana during the summer of 2000 and consumed many homes and businesses. Business owners rebuilt their businesses because they believed that the risk involved with wildfires was "just part of doing business in Montana." Which type of risk did the business owners encounter? A.
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Cluster Exam -- 09 FSMM - 2009 DECA U Provincials...

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