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Application Question Group 10 – Reaching Global Markets Holt Renfrew is one of the premier fashion retailers in Canada. It is planning to expand its operations in India. It sends its group of senior marketing executives (Your team) to evaluate the Indian retailing market. 1. Your task is to first understand Holt Renfrew’s current strategy and broad offerings. 2. Then analyze the different kind of modes of entry and retailing options available to Holt Renfrew in
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Unformatted text preview: India and outline the advantages and disadvantages for both. Finally present your recommendations for the most appropriate retail marketing strategy for Holt Renfrew as it enters the Indian market. 3. History: Holt Renfrew: started as a hat store??? And did fur and stuff Top luxury chain store in Canada PR: Toronto international fashion week??? :S GS report: ndia’s 3 rd largest economy by 2050 Modes of entry they are considering: 1. Exporting 2....
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