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Case 1. Tyler Pet Foods Inc

Case 1. Tyler Pet Foods Inc - Marketing plan from Marketing...

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Tyler Pet Foods Inc.: TPF; has a unique product out in the market: “Show Circuit Frozen Dog Dinner” - Originally formulated to improve mink coat quality for ranchers; soon jumped to inter-industry use for show dogs TPF execs: noticed that modifications in the packaging of Show Circuit would be necessary to transition from the kennel to market to the household dog foods Total variable costs: $6.37, MSRP: $9 per case; 7% commission to food brokers Consultants: Marketing Ventures Unlimited Question not raised: Will this program establish a place in the market for Show Circuit? o Was the market defined o What position would this product attract in the market? (segmentation) o Distribution channels? o Break even and achieve 15% return on sales?
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Unformatted text preview: Marketing plan from Marketing Venture Unltd: -Target Boston; the costliest dog food-First completely balanced frozen dog food available-Accomplish 3 things, using the high price to advantage: o Branding o Keep it at $1 per 15 ounce o Teach public to shop in the frozen section-approx 84% of total dog food sales: from supermarkets; high gross profit margin compared to 18 other supermarket departments-Industry size: $3.5 billion; 10 companies command 40% of it Problems:-Print ad: why so much small texts? Emphasize the product more, maybe with dogs, not solely the product; lacks a strong slogan-Better Homes and Gardens magazine for circulating ads??? Why? Industry-irrelevant-...
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