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Wesley Murphy Pols 380 Leithner 1/12/11 Advanced Organizer 2 1) The European Union needs a constitution because there are 27 countries that are tied together under one union. There needs to be a set of laws or guidelines that member states must abide by; there is no point of having an evaluation process to accept a candidate if there aren’t guidelines that they must abide by. 2) European citizens felt that the Constitution was trying to turn Europe into a powerful super state. They are very opposed to European integration and did not want to have a common foreign currency. 3) The Lisbon Treaty basically enlarges the European Union to include 12 more states from Eastern Europe. The existing agreements don’t allow additional states to join the
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Unformatted text preview: union. The main difference is that the Lisbon Treaty doesn’t repeal the existing treaties; it just makes amendments to what has already been agreed upon. 4) The Lisbon Treaty was passed because the three-pillar structure was removed and the provisions of that structure are placed under the legislative branch of the Union. However, the second pillar (CFSP) remains in the Treaty of the European Union. Summary 1) o The Lisbon Treaty enlarges the European Union to include states from Eastern Europe and it doesn’t replace previous treaties, it only makes admendments. 2) o Do countries have the option to keep their currency and not use the Euro as in the UK’s case?...
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