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AO 4 - integration and what’s really going on in...

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Wesley Murphy Pols 383 Leithner 1/19/11 Advanced Organizer #4 1. Multi-level governance and institutionalism are new approaches to understanding integration. MLG explains the EU as a political system across multiple levels based on the idea that authority has gradually moved away from national governments. Public and private agents have taken on the power of authority. Institutionalisms look at the changing relative power of institutions, their long-term effects and the role of culture or persuasion and communicative action. 2. I agree that the new governance approaches explain aspects of European Union politics that traditional theories ignore because those theories aren’t able to relate the theory of
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Unformatted text preview: integration and what’s really going on in intergovernmental politics. Neo-Functionalism is criticized as being a “grand theory” which generalizes regional integration. The old theories ask the wrong questions, it’s not about whether there should be more or less integration but what motivates actors in the European Union. Summary: 1. o The old theories are asking the wrong questions about integration o Multi-level governance is authoritative decision making across multiple levels o Constructivists see interests socially constructed rather than pre-determined...
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