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Wesley Murphy Pols 383 Leithner 1/26/11 Advanced Organizer #6 1. The European Parliament has come a long way in assessing power but it still does not match the influence that of many national parliaments. National parliaments have the authoritative power over all pieces of legislation; the European Parliament still acts as an oversight committee. It is democratic in all of its activities but not legitimate enough to actually make major changes in the European legislature. Most European citizens don’t even know what the European Parliament is; thus, voter turnout for parliamentarians is lower every year. People don’t consider voting in those elections as important as others.
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Unformatted text preview: 2. The European Court of Justice has significant political impact on member states, institutions, and the promotion of community policies. National courts mostly support the ECJ’s decisions and can only restrict their power through treaty change or opt-outs. Summary 1. o The European Parliament is gaining influence in politics but still is overshadowed by national parliaments and their influential powers. o The European Court of Justice has wide jurisdiction over first-pillar issues but has limited jurisdiction over second and third pillar issues. 2. o Still a little unclear of the difference between the European Court of Justice and national courts....
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