pols 229 essay 3

pols 229 essay 3 - Wesley Murphy Shanruo Ning Zhang...

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Unformatted text preview: Wesley Murphy Shanruo Ning Zhang Political Science 229 5/22/10 Culture and Political Practices Culture in society has many impacts on political practices such as political structures, institutions and behaviors. These cultural impacts can be seen in contrast between the economic institutions of China and the United States. This can be seen when commerce was still developing in these two areas; two very different cultures had significant impacts on the growing economy. Both countries were trying to develop ways to keep transaction costs down, such as providing security for the goods and finding a method of payment that didnt involve hauling large quantities of gold, silver and copper back and forth. In Europe and North America, laws supplied the security backed up by a judiciary that became independent of the government. This rule of law developed over a period of hundreds of years and was firmly established by the eighteenth century. There was nothing in comparison to this kind of legal system in China; however, there was a development of long-distance commerce between economies in Asia that needed a substitute for a rule of law. That substitute drew on one of the strengths of East Asian culture: close personal relationships based on family ties, as well as ties that extended...
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pols 229 essay 3 - Wesley Murphy Shanruo Ning Zhang...

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