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reading questions pols 229 - of their control over legal...

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Wesley Murphy Shanruo NIng Zhang Political Science 229 5/22/10 Reading Questions: Turkey 1. Ataturk established Turkey out of the ruins of the Ottoman state and built “defense of rights” organizations in Anatolia and Thrace to resist the European effort to take the Turkish heartland after World War 1. He helped defend against the invading Greeks and convinced the Western powers to end their occupation. He modernized Turkish society and translated attachment to religion into patriotic fervor to boost pride of the state. He then reformed the Ottoman elite, which he expanded through education and sought change through persuasion rather than compulsion. He used his Republic People’s Party to dominate the political scene and closed rival political organizations. 2. The military’s political weight has a broad range of government calculations because
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Unformatted text preview: of their control over legal force and their status as the last recourse in domestic conflict and partly from the peculiar history of the military in the Turkish reform movement and its centrality in the creation of the republic. At the end of the Ottoman Empire, the armed forces were the main window on the West. Ataturk and his chief lieutenants were career officers when they launched the struggle for independence. The fact that Ataturk’s outlook was archetypal of the army’s approach helped him rally military support for the cause. Ataturk continually cited the army as the ultimate guardian of the republic, making clear that its role was to defend the reform effort as well as to protect against foreign foes....
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reading questions pols 229 - of their control over legal...

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