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10) The earliest major French attempts at colonization in the New World were in what is now:: Quebec 12) Who established French settlements at Arcadia and Quebec?: A: Champlagne 13) Before the Europeans arrived, many Native American tribes in the Ohio and Mississippi River Valleys developed:: A: a thriving village culture 14) When Columbus ran around in Hispaniola, he believed he was in:: A: Pacific " East Indies"/ Asia 21) The leader of English Puritans who established the Massachusetts Bay colony was:: John Winthrop 23) During the Pequot War of 1637, colonists and their Narragansett allies:: A: killed hundreds of Pequots (most) sold into slavery/ Pequot nation declared dissolved 25) Sir Walter Raleigh's colony at Roanoke:: A: Raleigh 26) The headright system adopted for the Virginia colony consisted of:: : a providing every settler with in Va. With a plot of land 27) The colony founded by exiled religious dissenters was:: Rhode Island ( Roger Williams 28) The Plymouth colony:: was founded by puritans 29) Anne Hutchinson: A: puritan dissenter/ claimed to have direct revelations form the Holy Spirit/ charge others of being hypocrites 30) The phrase "a city upon a hill" refers to the colony of:: Mass. Bay 31) Of the following colonies, which offered the most religious toleration?: Penn? Rhode Island? 32) The last of the English colonies founded along the Atlantic coast was: Georgia 36) New England's most important profitable export was: lumber then ships 37) The covenant theory from which the Puritans drew their ideas of government:: God has made a plan with them to provide a way to salvation from Mayflower Compact 38) Which of the following was not true of Puritan beliefs?: A: divine mission from God to make a
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Microsoft Word - Document6 - 10) The earliest major French...

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