2010.12.03 - cable and satellite television

2010.12.03 - cable and satellite television - Cable and...

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Page Cable and Satellite Television 07:36:54 Cable and Satellite Television: the Biggest Consumer Rip-off Important Definitions Franchise – granted by the town (or licensing authority) the franchise is the distributor of programming to the community. Cablevision and Comcast are examples of Franchises Programmer – producers and distributors of shows (eg. HBO, Showtime, NBC, ABC, CNN are programmers) they send their programs via satellites to the Franchises, which then distribute them. Penetration – term used when detailing the number of homes that cable service reaches; as of may 2010, wired cable penetration is 61.1% of all US households Pay - per-view – paying on a per showing basis Subscription – subscribing to pay cable programmer on a long-term basis Video on demand – on demand (VOD) allow users to select and watch/listen to video content on whenever they want; it is the technological successor to traditional pay-per-view programming Universe – the number of homes which can get a pay-per-view program; (not all cable subscribers can get PPV; some parts of the country still have weak cable and cannot get these programs) Buy rate – the percentage of universe home which purchased a pay-per-view event (ie. If 100m can receive a PPV event, a five percent buy rate would equal 5m homes paying for that single showing/event); if something gets a high buy rate, they will show it again The box – the original hookup to the television from the cable company which allowed you to switch channels; has come back with the advent of digital tv The dish – the satellite dish; in a home environment, It is only a receiver; as of May 2010, 30.3% of all US households had satellite television (a receiving dish only, not a transmitting dish) Michele Yu Media Systems and Processes
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Cable and Satellite Television Cable marketing – according to New York Post Columnist Phil Mushnick, this is defined as LYING The Ultimate Rip-off Monopoly Consumers have no rights, they can raise their rates whenever they want o ‘89, avg cost of cable was $15.21 per month o ’05, avg cost was $57.12 per month Cable Facts Cable consumer pays $110.00 per month for cable and internet There are 127.5 basic cable tv homes in the US
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2010.12.03 - cable and satellite television - Cable and...

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