2010.11.30 - media convergence

2010.11.30 media - (Moscow State 2010 • utilizing Facebook 500 m users worldwide free access • Foursquare is new location-based social

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Converging Media Media Convergence: Opportunities and Challenges (Guest Lecture: Prof. John V. Pavlik) What does media convergence mean? Technological (everything is computerized; Economic/ownership Regulatory/policy/legal Cultural (creation of content and storytelling) Cross-platform (how we access media content) Exploring E-reader Devices iPad, Kindle, Nook, smartphones mobility navigation and ease of use About the iPad touch screen Facebook convergence of social media and traditional media research shows traditional media have hard time competing with social media on breaking news
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Unformatted text preview: (Moscow State 2010) • utilizing Facebook, 500 m users worldwide, free access • Foursquare is new location-based social networking; geotagging • Tracks in real time where people are meeting up Philo T. Farnsworth • Invented television • Got idea at age 14 in Rigby, Idaho from plowing family farm… one row at a time • TVs of the day (1921) were mechanical • Philo realized they were too slow • He thought he could move electrons fast enough, scan them one line at a time, alternately, interlaced • By 1927, he invented electronic tv...
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