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article 6 - Eating disorders are in chapter 10 these...

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Frances Miller June 15, 2010 Article Nikki Story Nikki was fight anorexia and Bulimia soon after a family member died and she hided it from here friends and family. She would make up lies for why she was so thin, she was going down a very bad path that could cause death. Until two of her friend decided to help, her boy friend told her to just keep fighting, and her other friend let her parents know that she was sick and need help. Now Nikki weights 115 and is happy about her weight, but something that her disorder left her with is the fact she would be lucky to have kids and if she did have kids she they probably would have birth defects.
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Unformatted text preview: Eating disorders are in chapter 10 these disorder deals with a person thinking that they too fat and they have to lose weight, so they go to the extreme. Either they don’t eat at all, over exercise, or they are purging there food .Basically they are losing weight in unhealthy ways. I think that most girl have this problem because America push that thin and the figure to be which is what pushes young girls like Nikki to give up eating and try and be as thin as possible. Also if you are in a depressed state of mind you might come in contact with an eating disorder and not realize it....
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