Hdf 315L Method assignment

Hdf 315L Method assignment - Research Methods Method...

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Research Methods: Method Assignment Participants The participating families were randomly selected and asked to partake in the study. Although the participants were randomly selected, it was ensured that there were an equal number of male and female toddlers. Toddlers (ages 3-4) were ideal for the study because they were beginning to understand their gender and the roles that accompany it. The families targeted were made up of married heterosexual couples, because homosexual couples tend to defy the stereotypical sex roles and might have resulted in biased results. No specific ethnicity or socioeconomic status was targeted, because the study involved the characteristics of the parents and children, and was not designed to assess relationships between SES or culture and femininity or masculinity. Measures The measure used to assess the parents was The Bem Sex Role Inventory (BSRI), a questionnaire that provided an assessment of masculinity and femininity in terms of self-reported possessions of socially desirable and stereotypic personality characteristics. The
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Hdf 315L Method assignment - Research Methods Method...

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