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Chapter 4 Lecture Outline The Analysis and Design of Work 1. Job analysis defined  2. Job analysis - reasons for doing  a. Work redesign b. Human resource planning  c. Recruiting and selecting  d. Orientation and training  e. Performance appraisal  f. Career planning g. Job evaluation and compensation  3. Importance of job analysis to managers a. Helps in understanding work-flow process b. Hiring c. Performance management 4. Job analysis outcomes a. Job description b. Job specification 5. Gathering information for job analysis 6. Examples of Job Analysis methods 
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a. Position Analysis Questionnaire  b. Fleishman Job Analysis System 
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Unformatted text preview: c. O*NET 7. Job design a. Reasons for doing b. Four basic approaches i. Mechanistic approach ii. Motivational approach 1. Hackman & Oldhams Job Characteristics Model (slide found under Resources) 2. Job enlargement 3. Job enrichment 4. Employee teams 1. Characteristics of successful teams 2. Benefits of using 3. Potential problems iii. Biological approach 1. ergonomics iv. Perceptual-motor approach 8. Other job redesign considerations: Modified work schedules a. Condensed work week b. Flexible working hours c. Job sharing d. Telecommuting...
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Chapter+4+Lecture+Outline - c. O*NET 7. Job design a....

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