Chapter+6+Lecture+Outline - 2. content validity 3....

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CHAPTER 6 Selection and Placement 1. Potential problems with poor selection processes a. negligent hiring b. low productivity c. increased turnover d. theft e. low achievement 2. Scientific concepts in selection a. reliability i. definition ii. inter-rater iii. test-retest b. validity i. importance of ii. types of validity 1. criterion-related 6-1
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a. concurrent b. predictive c. cross-validation d. correlation coefficients
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Unformatted text preview: 2. content validity 3. construct validity c. generalizability i. definition ii. steps in establishing d. utility e. legality 3. Selection methods a. interviews i. improving their validity ii. situational v. behavioral b. applications – what can you ask? c. physical ability tests d. cognitive ability tests 2 e. personality tests 6-3...
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Chapter+6+Lecture+Outline - 2. content validity 3....

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